A group of determined Palestinians in the West Bank village of Budrus have shown the world the power of non-violent struggle against Israeli forces.

The acclaimed documentary Budrus has chronicled the peaceful protests, inspired by community organiser Ayed Morrar, which forced Israel to change the course of its separation wall.

Morrar realised Budrus would be devastated if Israel built its separation wall through his community.

The construction would destroy thousands of olive groves, the only source of income for the locals, and encroach on village land.

So he mobilised the men, women and children in Budrus for a series of peaceful demonstrations against Israeli forces. Soon, foreigners and Israelis crossed into Palestinian territory and joined the movement.


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As more and people gathered in front of Israeli bulldozers as human barriers, the Israeli government was forced to re-route the wall from Budrus village to the Green Line.

On Monday's Riz Khan we ask: After the success of Budrus, should Palestinians resort to non-violent struggle against Israel's occupation?

Joining the conversation will be Ayed Morrar himself, as well as the makers of the documentary, Julia Bacha and Ronit Avni.

This episode of the Riz Khan show can be seen live on Thursday, May 6 at 1630GMT and on Friday at 1130GMT.

Riz Khan: The story of Budrus originally aired on Monday, May 3, 2010.

Source: Al Jazeera