Riz Khan

The last laugh

Some of our favourite comedians give a light-hearted perspective on current affairs since Al Jazeera English’s launch.

On the final Riz Khan Show, we speak with some of our favourite comedians about the news and current events that have shaped the last decade and dominated Al Jazeera’s coverage.


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We speak with Palestinian-American comedienne, actress and philanthropist, Maysoon Zayid who uses humour to inspire cultural understanding; Colin Quinn, an American comedian and actor whose one-man show “Long Story Short” takes a satiric look at the history of man; and Egyptian-American comedian and actor Ahmed Ahmed, who, in his film Just Like Us, documents his travels to four Middle Eastern countries, proving that Arabs, despite misconceptions, do in fact have a sense of humour.

You can join the conversation. Watch the show live on Thursday, April 28, at 1930GMT. Repeats can be seen on Friday at 0430GMT, 0830GMT and 1430GMT.