Chris De Burgh talks to Riz Khan about his collaborations
with Arab and Iranian singers
He was the first Western singer to perform in Beirut after the civil war ended and soon he will be the first Western pop-star to perform in Iran, post revolution.

He has a following in Germany, Norway, Iran, Lebanon and Brazil but, with the exception of his 1986 global hit, Lady in Red, he has had a difficult time getting on the music charts in the UK or US.

So what is it about legendary British singer/songwriter Chris De Burgh that enables him to bridge cultural barriers through art? Many of his fans argue that it is his heart-felt lyrics and easy style.

On Monday's Riz Khan we talk to Chris De Burgh about his new album Now and Then, what it was like to be on Lebanon's hugely successful TV show Star Academy and why he is spending so much time in the Middle East.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Monday, April 21, 2008

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