Human rights activist Rana Husseini

What is the price to pay for honour?

In many Muslim countries, 'honour killings' take place regularly in the name of saving a family's reputation.

Men who kill their female relatives on suspicion of extra-marital relations often receive extremely light sentences, some as light as six months in prison.

So far in Jordan in 2007, statistics reveal that a young woman has been killed every two weeks, on average, in the name of 'family honour'.

The issue might be a bigger problem in other countries, but Jordanians have been forthright about the need to deal with this phenomenon effectively.

On Tuesday, Riz speaks with human rights activist Rana Husseini about the struggle to impose stricter punishments and deal with the mentality behind 'honour killings'.

Husseini is the author of the forthcoming book, Murder in the Name of Honour, and was the first Jordanian journalist to raise her voice against honour crimes 15 years ago.

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