Major General William Caldwell is the chief spokesman
for the multi-national forces in Iraq
The US launched its new security plan in Iraq two months ago. The plan highlighted the importance of Baghdad as the centre of gravity in the fight for Iraq.

The US claims that moving its troops out of large, forward-operating bases and into smaller community-based combat outposts in Baghdad has reduced violence and helped to stabilise the city.

However, with sectarian fault lines appearing throughout Baghdad, car bomb attacks and violence have been on the rise. In addition, more US and Iraqi security forces are also being killed.

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Watch Major General William Caldwell on Talk to Jazeera

Inside Iraq asks if the Iraq security plan has backfired - resulting in more violence and civilian deaths? Should the US review and withdraw or should it stay the course?

Inside Iraq puts these questions to Major General William Caldwell, the chief spokesman for the multi-national forces in Iraq, and Lieutenant General Robert Gard from the Center for Arms Control and Non-proliferation in Washington DC.

This episode of Inside Iraq aired from 06 April 2007

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Source: Al Jazeera