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US com­bat troops are leav­ing the coun­try, but can the Iraqi army en­sure se­cu­ri­ty?

Published On 30 Aug 2010
Inside Iraq - Pulling out of Iraq

Is Iraq sta­ble and able to de­ter­mine its own fu­ture af­ter the with­draw­al of US troops?

Published On 8 Aug 2010
Inside Iraq - Leaving Iraq US withdrawal

The cur­rent po­lit­i­cal con­di­tions in the coun­try may favour al-Qae­da’s resur­gence.

Published On 16 Jul 2010
Iraq blackwater case

Will the jour­nal­ist’s killers es­cape jus­tice and how would this im­pact the re­gion?

Published On 26 Jun 2010
Inside Iraq - The murder of Sardasht Osman