John Baron, a British member of parliament and George Grant, the director of global security at the Henry Jackson Society, discuss the future of Libya and NATO's intervention.

Plus Petros Fassoulas, the chairman of the European Movement (UK), and Andrew Alexander of The Daily Mail newspaper on whether or not Greece should default.

Also Munzer Eid Alzamalkani, a Syrian opposition activist who says military action must end before dialogue can begin.

Catherine Deneuve, the French actor, talks about her career and newly released film Potiche, which translates as 'Trophy Wife'. She discusses her views on marriage and what she feels passionate about outside the film industry. 

Plus, Oscar-winning composer Rachel Portman. She has written the scores for films including: Never Let Me Go, The Cider House Rules, and the 1996 Jane Austen film adaption of Emma, for which she won an academy award for best original score. 

This episode of Frost Over the World aired from Friday, June 24, 2011.

Source: Al Jazeera