Frost Over the World

Afghanistan: Is there a political solution?

In the second special compilation of Sir David’s interviews, we look back at the highlights in the last few months.

In the the last of the two special compilation programmes, this episode of Frost Over the World focuses on leading figures from the world of politics to that of entertainment and sports.

For years his political ambitions have been overshadowed by his cricket career. Now, his popularity as a politician has suddenly increased massively and his message to get rid of corruption and to cut military links with the US is resonating with Pakistanis. Could Imran Khan become the next prime minister or even president of Pakistan? And how would he end corruption and violence in his country?

Imran Khan, the former cricketer and politician talks about his election campaign, fighting corruption and the future of Pakistan.

“Corruption is destroying the country. For the first time people feel, that their survival is at stake. People feel that the country is a failed state. If we don’t do something, the future of our children is bleak,” Khan says.

Also on this episode of Frost Over the World, the former British foreign secretary David Miliband joins Sir David Frost to discuss the UK’s role in the Arab world over the last year and a half. Has British foreign policy helped or hindered the Arab Spring?

Miliband also shares his thoughts on the Iranian nuclear issue and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. If the foreign forces’ withdrawal does go wrong, as some speculate, Miliband believes that going back would not be possible.

“I dont see that as being a possible option…because foreign troops are helping Afghan troops hold security, but that must stick in the gullet of the Afghan mothers and fathers who have seen their children killed in this dreadful incident just recently. It must stick in the gullet of the fathers and mothers of the western soldiers who have the guns turned on them by the Afghans who they are training. So I think we are in a situation where the urgency of a political process grows by the day.”

He was known as one of the world’s greatest and most controversial footballers. He played most famously for Manchaster United and he had an impressive international career with France. He retired from football at the age of just 30, but now he is trying to make his mark on the competitive world of acting, starring in the new film Switch. Former football star Eric Cantona discusses his transition into a movie star.

Sir David travelled to Monte Carlo as the Masters commenced to speak to British tennis star and number four in the world, Andy Murray about what it will take to win a Grand Slam, an Olympic Gold and get to the top ranking.

Murray says: “You need to get the balance right between training enough and not doing too much because there’s so many big tournaments coming up one after another. You want to make sure you are fresh going into the tournaments but also physically in good enough shape to win them. It’s a difficult season …. The difference between top tennis players and guys that are just below, it’s mental strength and belief … the ability to deal with pressure … that’s what separates the best players … I haven’t thought about finishing my career without having won a Grand Slam because I believe I will do it and that’s what I’m working towards … I just got to keep believing and working hard.”

The controversial artists Gilbert and George take Frost around their latest exhibition in the White Cube Gallery, discuss their love for London’s East End and explain why their art continues to shock 40 years on. What is the inspiration behind their ‘unusual’ work?