Amanda Palmer in Havana
Through the personal stories of local guides, intrepid journalist Amanda Palmer and the crew have just 48 hours to find the beating heart of their chosen city.
Their searches uncover everything from cultural and religious events to the social and economic backdrop of each unique location, all seen through the eyes of the people who call it home.

48 is no cosy travel brochure - tourist attractions are given a wide berth and the beaten track is positively avoided as the programme aims to get an insight into the lives of young people in each destination, and find out what's important to them.

From Syria's heavy metal fans to Belgrade's 'turbo folk' stars; from the housing crisis in Old Havana to the palatial homes on Bahamian Harbor Island; 48 explores the extremes of every destination to give a reality check on how people are living today.
Entertainment Editor and Presenter Amanda Palmer conceived the 48 series, and writes and presents the show, which is a monthly programme for Al Jazeera English's entertainment strand.

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