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We trav­el to Hi­roshi­ma to meet a sur­geon rev­o­lu­tion­is­ing re­gen­er­a­tive med­i­cine.

Published On 4 Jul 2016
Video Duration 09 minutes 28 seconds
The Cure - Japanese Knees

Can a new heat-re­sis­tant vac­cine for the high­ly con­ta­gious ro­tavirus save the lives of chil­dren in Niger?

Published On 27 Jun 2016
Video Duration 09 minutes 26 seconds
The Cure - Niger''s New Vaccine

A light­weight wear­able vest cov­ered in sen­sors helps deaf peo­ple ‘hear’ by con­vert­ing words into vi­bra­tions.

Published On 20 Jun 2016
Video Duration 13 minutes 21 seconds
The Cure - Vibrating Vest

How a new ul­tra­sound treat­ment al­lows surgery with­out scalpels for those suf­fer­ing from an “es­sen­tial tremor”.

Published On 14 Jun 2016
Video Duration 10 minutes 07 seconds
The Cure - Surgery without Scalpels

Two sur­geons, 322km apart, at­tempt the first aug­ment­ed re­al­i­ty surgery in the Mid­dle East.

Published On 6 Jun 2016
Video Duration 14 minutes 11 seconds
The Cure - Operation Gaza

Meet the health­care work­ers treat­ing the peo­ple liv­ing in one of the worst refugee camps in Eu­rope.

Published On 4 Mar 2016
Video Duration 09 minutes 09 seconds
The Cure - Calais - pls don''t use

A new ex­per­i­men­tal ther­a­py helps tack­le ge­net­ic dis­or­ders by ad­dress­ing their root cause – faulty genes.

Published On 17 Aug 2015
Video Duration 08 minutes 01 seconds
The Cure - Gene Therapy

A three-minute check­list, a sim­ple de­vice to mea­sure oxy­gen in pa­tients’ blood, and a drill cov­er are im­prov­ing surgery.

Published On 17 Aug 2015
Video Duration 14 minutes 57 seconds
The Cure - Safe Surgery Innovations in Uganda

New open source de­signs and ad­vances in 3-D print­ing are bring­ing af­ford­able pros­thet­ics to chil­dren around the world.

Published On 10 Aug 2015
Video Duration 11 minutes 58 seconds
The Cure - 3D-Printed Prosthetics