North Pole marathon
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On top of the world

A Sportsworld special behind the scenes of the North Pole marathon.


It is one of the world’s most remote and unforgiving environments. Yet a handful of people are determined not just to reach the North pole  – but to run 40 kilometeres there.

Its the world’s most northerly sporting event and the only marathon run entirely on water taking place during a period of 24-hour sunshine when the arctic region is entirely frozen.

Competitors are forced to undergo an arduous training and acclimatisation programme. Finding a location to train for such a challenge is a challenge in itself and Britain’s Ted Jackson took the unusual step of running in the freezer at his local butchers.

It is a quest that produced emotions as extreme as the landscape.

In a special programme Sportsworld’s Andy Richardson went behind the scenes to join the participants on their journey to the top of the world.

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