Soapbox Mexico

Everyday Mafia

Drugs and gangs, the Mexico portrayed most often in the media, makes it into the popular soap’s story lines too.

Soapbox Mexico goes behind the scenes of one of Mexico’s longest running and most popular telenovelas which promotes women’s rights and positive social change: What Women Don’t Say.

Alicia schedules an unavoidable issue: the generalised, systematic violence in Mexican society, and the fear and silence this provokes.

The script of the soap includes murder and rape. Alexis coaches the actors in a script meeting, encouraging them to draw inspiration from some of their personal experiences.

Horacio, who plays a murderer, because of his intimidating physique, turns to his real life experiences to help him play the part. So too does an actress who plays the lead role of Zoila, a newspaper seller, who becomes an unwilling witness of the crimes.

On set, they have to overcome the revulsion to violence they feel, to play the scenes.

Alexis questions himself over how far he can go, and a spontaneous debate about violence and corruption breaks out on set. Zoila’s story reaches an emotional climax when she decides to speak out.