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God’s Business: Six-part series

In this six-part series John McCarthy explores religion-as-enterprise today.


“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

Jesus’s advice to his followers is one of the clearest and boldest statements dividing religion from the worldly concerns of money, politics and power.
However, reality in the 21st century is much more complex.

No religious movement has managed to truly disentangle matters of faith from the messy and confusing stuff of daily life.

John McCarthy in Jerusalem

God’s Business

aims to get behind the issues of faith and how it affects people’s real lives, their work, their families and the how they view their government and leaders. 

Renowned journalist John McCarthy has been investigating these issues and approaches six major world religions with the same questions:
How do these institutions balance the demands of religious teaching and ceremony with wealth, power and human weakness?
How do they function as powerbrokers in the often dangerous realm of politics, both local and global?
And do these dealings inevitably threaten the moral integrity and clarity of purpose of religious institutions?
God’s Business is a six-part series by ORTV for Al Jazeera and will air from the Monday 17th September to the 29th October 2007.


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