Fault Lines

The End of Roe: Living without abortion rights

Fault Lines examines what it means to live in post-Roe America and follows a group of women forced to travel across state lines for an abortion.

In June, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, the decision that had made abortion a constitutional right for nearly half a century.

Now, abortion rights are up to each state to decide, opening the floodgates for bans across the country.

Fault Lines travelled to Texas, where the landmark case was born in 1970, and where abortion is now illegal in nearly all cases.

‘The End of Roe’ follows a doctor, staff and patients in an Austin clinic in the immediate days after the decision as they navigate the legal chaos and uncertainty of a post-Roe America. It also follows a group of women who had to cross state lines to access abortions and finds that, for many, this journey is not possible. With more states instituting bans and little support from the government, people are often left with no choice over their reproductive health.