Sharif Nashashibi

US Elections 2016

Don't just blame pollsters for shock election results

Opinion polls are snapshots of sentiment at a given time, not a foolproof prediction.


Morality and hypocrisy over Palestine and Syria

If your support for Palestine entails justifying Assad's mass slaughter, you are no friend to Palestinians or Syrians.

War & Conflict

Mahmoud Abbas still believes in Shimon Peres' myth

If Palestinians wept during Shimon Peres' funeral, it was for the sorry spectacle of Mahmoud Abbas' attendance.

War & Conflict

Syria: Denial as a war strategy

As with Israel, the Assad regime engages in diplomacy as a fig leaf towards pacification, not peace.

Syria's Civil War

Ceasefire terms pose major risks for Syrian rebels

Even if the agreement is not meant to benefit the regime, it may do so in any case.

Al-Nusra Front

The ramifications of the Nusra's split from al-Qaeda

The split is more likely to be linked to recurring reports dating as far back as early last year.


Corbyn and anti-Semitism: Much ado about something else

The Labour leader's opponents are using red herrings to ramp up pressure on him to resign.

Middle East

The UN is kowtowing to Syria's primary war criminal

The UN cannot in good conscience highlight the blood on Bashar al-Assad's hands while willingly shaking them.


Israeli rejectionism as policy

What Israel seeks is not peace but pacification.


Syrian Civil War: Negotiating in bad faith

The regime is using the peace process as a diversionary tactic, buoyed by recent battlefield gains such as Palmyra.

Human Rights

Israel-Palestine: The delusion of a two-state solution

The one-state debate for both peoples is moot given that the two-state solution is no longer feasible.

War & Conflict

Is a federal Syria desirable or feasible?

Federalism can and should only come about with the approval of the Syrian people via a referendum.