India votes 2019: Narendra Modi seeks second term

Just days away from the world's largest election, Al Jazeera look at the main issues for Indian voters.

    India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking re-election, but he faces opposition from Rahul Gandhi of the Congress Party.

    Five years ago, Modi made the election all about himself and what he would do if he won. And one of his main promises was overhauling India's economy.

    Unemployment is a major concern, with India suffering its worst rate in nearly half a century.

    There are more than one billion people in the country - and about half are under the age of 25 and unemployed.

    The needs of India's farmers are also a priority.

    About a quarter of the population works in agriculture, with many facing low crop prices and mounting debt.

    Hate crimes are likely to be another issue.

    There have been more attacks against religious minorities and marginalised communities since the last election.

    And then there are questions about regional security after tensions between India and neighbouring Pakistan reached a high after a bomb attack in Indian-administered Kashmir in February.

    Al Jazeera's Sohail Rahman reports from New Delhi, as India votes for the 17th time since Independence in 1947.


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