HRW report: Chinese government violates Xinjiang Muslims' rights

Human Rights Watch says it has new evidence of the arbitrary mass detention, torture, and mistreatment of Turkic Muslims by the Chinese government in Xinjiang province.


    The Chinese government is being accused of conducting a campaign of human rights violations against Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang in northwest China.

    The latest report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) centres around the province of Xinjiang, where they interviewed around 60 former residents.

    They spoke of Muslims being detained without proper cause and of their religion being repressed under mass surveillance.

    Many interviewees said that more than half of their family are in prison, or political re-education camps.

    The Chinese government has not yet commented on this particular report but has denied similar allegations of mistreatment in the past.

    It says increased security measures in this part of China are to keep a lid on armed separatist groups.

    Al Jazeera Imran Khan reports.


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