Nuclear neighbours: The India-Pakistan arms race

Seventy years after partition, nuclear-powers India and Pakistan are locked in a bitter arms race. But who has what?

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In 1947, the British colonial rulers drew a line of partition, dividing the Indian subcontinent into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India. What followed was one of the largest – and, perhaps, most violent – migrations in human history. Seventy years on, the two nations remain bitter foes. But now they have nuclear arms.

Al Jazeera takes a look at the arms race between these two rivals.

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Overview of Pakistan and Indian nuclear arms technology [Al Jazeera]
Overview of Pakistan and Indian nuclear arms technology [Al Jazeera]

Pakistan and India have fought three wars over the disputed territory of Kashmir, which remains an unresolved conflict to date. Their militaries are in a race to outdo each other. Here’s the relative strength of India and Pakistan’s defence capabilities. 

An overview of India and Pakistan's military strengths [Al Jazeera]
An overview of India and Pakistan’s military strengths [Al Jazeera]



Source: Al Jazeera