United States

Juana's story: Seeking sanctuary in a US church

As immigration policies tighten in the US, two filmmakers document a woman's battle to avoid being separated from her family.


Venezuela: Where's the petrol?

Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves, yet people are scrambling to fill car tanks as petrol supplies dry up.

Wild Animals

Saving Australia's Wombats

The native animal is suffering from a painful and deadly disease.


How student movements shaped a new South Africa

A filmmaker reflects on his life in activism, from growing up in exile to documenting the #FeesMustFall student movement.

Asia Pacific

'New Cold War': Trade war puts China-US ties at risk

There is a grim realisation among China's leaders that a full blown trade war with the US is now about to become a reality.


Venezuela: Who are the colectivos?

Government opponents fear the armed groups more than police, but for Maduro, the colectivos are likened to 'angels of socialism'.