Syria's War

Nina's journey: From Syria to the Special Olympics

Nina - an athlete from Syria - will be representing a new team a the Special Olympics, but her heart belongs to Damascus.


Forty years of 'reform and opening up', a personal tale

Looking back at the path taken by this country over the past four decades, it's easy to realise that freedom is not easily earned and once you have it, you never want to lose it - never again.


On forgiveness and revenge in the occupied territories

What a Palestinian grandfather, an Israeli soldier and the Hilltop Youth taught me about the power of forgiveness and violent radicalism.

Donald Trump

Trump, the CIA and the future of torture

Investigating claims of impeding justice, seventeen years after the worst attack on the US and ongoing rampant claims of prisoner abuse and torture.


Manus and the despair of Australia's detention policy

Fellow refugees are the only lifeline for men who wonder whether they will ever escape the remote Pacific island where they have been held for more than five years under Australia's harsh offshore detention policies.

Guantanamo Bay

The morality of torture: A toxic legacy

An investigation into the covert CIA programme of torture outlawed by former President Obama and favoured by the Trump administration.