Putin addresses Russians in yearly televised address

For hours, Russian president answers emails, texts, and calls from ordinary citizens solidifying his macho image.

War & Conflict

Who killed Oliver Ivanovic?

Who killed Oliver Ivanovic, a prominent Kosovo Serb politician speaking up against organised crime and for reconciliation within Kosovo independence?

Latin America

Colombia set for presidential runoff: What to expect

Second-round showdown between Ivan Duque and Gustavo Petro will likely impact a still fragile peace agreement with the FARC.


Will Modi's popularity hold out for next year's vote?

Narendra Modi's combative tone has won him legions of admirers but a unifying opposition is confident the prime minister is on his way out.

Latin America

What to expect from Colombia's presidential election

Colombians are likely to choose between the two candidates on the opposite extremes of the political spectrum.


China slapped in the face by Trump-Kim cancellation

Trump's decision to scrap US-North Korean talks could make China feel less compelled to squeeze Pyongyang economically.