World Cup 2018

Iran: Football World Cup, female fans and Saudi Arabia

Iran has managed to qualify for the World Cup, a win in itself for many, but political rivalries are obvious when fans watch the matches.


The village where Serbs and Albanians coexist in Kosovo

Barnaby Phillips returns to Kosovo 10 years after independence, to see what's changed in a village where ethnic Serbs and Albanians live side by side.

North Korea

US-North Korea agreement: A long and bumpy road ahead

US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim sign a declaration that aims to achieve denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula.

World Cup 2018

Drawing the World Cup, one football sticker at a time

Despite not having any art experience, one couple in the UK is drawing every World Cup sticker by hand.


Putin addresses Russians in yearly televised address

For hours, Russian president answers emails, texts, and calls from ordinary citizens solidifying his macho image.

War & Conflict

Who killed Oliver Ivanovic?

Who killed Oliver Ivanovic, a prominent Kosovo Serb politician speaking up against organised crime and for reconciliation within Kosovo independence?