Venezuela in a quagmire

With the main opposition parties boycotting the polls, President Nicolas Maduro poised for re-election despite a low approval rating.

United States

One year into Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 22 people and companies in the past year and is showing no signs of stopping.


Burundi's high-stakes referendum

Opposition groups say if presidential term limits are extended, it will reverse gains made under the peace deal that ended country's civil war.

Humanitarian crises

The depths of despair in South Sudan

UN humanitarian official appeals for end to violence against aid workers as fighting between political rivals shows no sign of ending.

War & Conflict

My week with Trump's top general in Afghanistan

Sue Turton returns to Afghanistan to shadow US General Nicholson as he pursues the Trump administration's new counter-insurgency strategy in the war-torn country.


Anwar Ibrahim's dramatic rise and fall - and rise again

After a political journey with many gripping twists and turns, Anwar Ibrahim comes back to reclaim his spot in the Malaysian leadership.