New Zealand

NZ, Australia mark Anzac Day with driveway services

Traditional commemoration services were cancelled because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus pandemic

Nepal: From quake to coronavirus, no lessons learnt

Government's response to the coronavirus pandemic is seen by many to mirror its post-2015 earthquake measures.

Coronavirus pandemic

Ebola to coronavirus: From one emergency to another

What happens to other disease responses when the world's public health officials are all focused on COVID-19?

Coronavirus pandemic

Below the bottom of the barrel

Oil-rich countries in the Middle East will find every blip in prices taking a chunk out of their budgets and economies.


Will we ever dance together again?

While the live music industry awaits the return to normal, artists take to social media to get their music out to the people.

Coronavirus pandemic

Will coronavirus make the world a fairer place?

A reporter asks whether coronavirus has shown that we can no longer afford to put profit before people.