US sanctions on Venezuela to add to people's woes

Analysts say crippling sanctions will only make people poorer and more dependent on the Venezuelan government.

Puerto Rico

Why is Monsanto in Puerto Rico?

Locals question why the agrochemical company has received huge tax breaks to grow GMO seeds in the US territory.


Moscow's flight ban could cost Georgia $300m

Anti-Russian protests in Georgia have exposed long-standing tensions between the two countries.


The economic impact of US sanctions on Iran's streets

Many Iranians are more concerned about the economic impact on their lives than the threat of war.


Total eclipse enthralls South America

Sky-gazers rush to Latin America as they enjoy the first total eclipse since the US solar eclipse of August 2017.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Vieques still reels from US Navy bombing

Only 1,600 of the 4,000 hectares suspected of having munitions have been surface cleared, the EPA says.