Asia Pacific

'New Cold War': Trade war puts China-US ties at risk

There is a grim realisation among China's leaders that a full blown trade war with the US is now about to become a reality.


Venezuela: Who are the colectivos?

Government opponents fear the armed groups more than police, but for Maduro, the colectivos are likened to 'angels of socialism'.


Politics of fear in the Spanish elections

Spain's Socialists won the vote but far-right Vox party enters parliament for the first time with its politics of fear.

United States

Trucking and Indians hoping to cross US-Mexico border

In the latest of its Untold America series, AJ+ hops in the cab of an 18-wheeler belonging to Satnam Singh, a Punjabi Sikh immigrant, who came to the US 40 years ago.

Arts & Culture

Notre Dame 'was always watching over me'

A Frenchman who grew up a stone's throw from the iconic cathedral reflects on what it means to him and his country.


Village mourns storm but for others, 'it's a festival'

Residents in storm-hit region decry what they call publicity stunts by politicians and NGOs amid haphazard and chaotic aid delivery.