US sanctions hurting Venezuela's most vulnerable

As the US and its allies slap new sanctions on the country, life for Venezuelans gets worse amid shortage of medicine and food.


Venezuela: 'With no electricity, I can't get my chemo'

Blackout endangers hospital patients already struggling to cope with the economic crisis that's led to food and medicine shortages.


Kashmir: Uneasy calm by day, 'sheer terror' at night

Women have left a village on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control, while the men stay back to safeguard property and 'show solidarity'.

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela's Maduro and his offer of 'new elections'

The embattled leader is offering to hold fresh elections for the opposition-controlled National Assembly.


Exposed: China's surveillance of Muslim Uighurs

As China faces increasing criticism over its treatment of its Muslim population, new details emerge about how Beijing spies on Uighurs at home and abroad.


The battle over Amulsar: Mining vs the environment

Why are Armenians fighting over the controversial Amulsar gold mining project and how does it affect the country's new government?