Yaara Bou Melhem

Yaara Bou Melhem


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Ac­cess to Ro­hingya towns is se­vere­ly re­strict­ed by Myan­mar’s gov­ern­ment, pre­vent­ing aid agen­cies from reach­ing them and re­sult­ing in warn­ings that a lack of food is lead­ing to an­oth­er wave of dis­place­ment.

Published On 10 Oct 2017

Myan­mar and Bangladesh have agreed on a repa­tri­a­tion deal for half a mil­lion Ro­hingya civil­ians who re­port­ed­ly fled mil­i­tary atroc­i­ties in Rakhine state. The UN has de­scribed the cri­sis as the world’s fastest de­vel­op­ing refugee emer­gency.

Published On 3 Oct 2017