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Neil Young draws praise and crit­i­cism for lam­bast­ing oil in­dus­try and sup­port­ing in­dige­nous land claims.

Published On 14 Jan 2014

Fam­i­ly and friends of Samer Is­sawi, on hunger strike for more than 200 days in Is­raeli jail, say he may die any mo­ment.

Published On 13 Feb 2013

Ob­ses­sive use of the in­ter­net is chang­ing the way peo­ple com­mu­ni­cate and in­ter­act – even the way our brains func­tion.

Published On 17 Feb 2012
Facebook Eye

Steven Pinker, au­thor of “The Bet­ter An­gels of Our Na­ture”, ar­gues this may be the most peace­ful era in hu­man ex­is­tence.

Published On 30 Jan 2012
tribal war

Two ex­per­i­ments at CERN could con­firm or con­tra­dict every­thing sci­en­tists the­o­rise about the na­ture of the uni­verse.

Published On 9 Jan 2012
galaxy hubble

Cail­li­au’s ca­reer at CERN spanned al­most four decades, dur­ing which time he helped build the World Wide Web.

Published On 14 Dec 2011
Robert Cailliau

The ma­jor­i­ty of the world’s traf­ficked peo­ple are in South­east Asia, and about half of those are forced into sex work.

Published On 27 Nov 2011
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