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Ranjit Bhaskar


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South Su­dan’s se­ces­sion be­gan smooth­ly with lit­tle vi­o­lence but ten­sions have been heat­ing up.

Published On 1 Jan 2012
sudan flag

High turnout re­port­ed as vot­ing ends, but con­tentious is­sues re­main once the bal­lots have been count­ed.

Published On 15 Jan 2011
soldiers escort election officials with ballot boxes

Im­pa­tient south­ern­ers flock to polling sta­tions at the start of week-long ref­er­en­dum on re­gion’s se­ces­sion.

Published On 9 Jan 2011
Sudan vote

Peo­ple in South­ern Su­dan vote in a his­toric ref­er­en­dum that will de­cide whether the coun­try splits or re­mains unit­ed.

Published On 9 Jan 2011
sudan voting

Ex­cite­ment high in South­ern Su­dan as ref­er­en­dum on se­ces­sion gets un­der way.

Published On 9 Jan 2011
Polling station in south Sudan

A quick look at the Jan­u­ary 9 ref­er­en­dum that will give south Su­dan a choice be­tween uni­ty or se­ces­sion.

Published On 6 Jan 2011

Ref­er­en­dum com­mis­sion has reg­is­tered 3.9 mil­lion vot­ers from 10 states in the south, plus the north and from abroad.

Published On 3 Jan 2011
South Sudan ballots