Gayatri Parameswaran

Gayatri Parameswaran


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Dar­ing ac­tivists clan­des­tine­ly as­sist refugees across bor­ders us­ing tac­tics per­fect­ed with the Berlin Wall in mind.

Published On 7 Sep 2015

Ac­tivists say harsh se­cu­ri­ty mea­sures have ‘fun­neled’ mi­grants into dead­ly routes with thou­sands per­ish­ing on the trek.

Published On 17 Mar 2015
US-Mexico border deaths

Eco-friend­ly New Mex­i­co hous­es made of garbage such as old tyres, beer cans, and glass bot­tles have gone main­stream.

Published On 28 Jan 2015
earthship revolution

Wildlife num­bers falling rapid­ly, but a con­tro­ver­sial new ban on hunt­ing seeks to pro­tect Al­ba­nia’s an­i­mals.

Published On 22 Nov 2014

Many artists are us­ing their work to raise so­cial, eco­nom­ic, and po­lit­i­cal is­sues in Koso­vo post in­de­pen­dence.

Published On 29 Oct 2014