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UN promised to im­prove the rights of the dis­abled, but many in West Africa are still abused and ig­nored.

Published On 23 Sep 2013

More than 100 mil­lion girls have suf­fered gen­i­tal ‘cut­ting’ to save fam­i­ly ho­n­our.

Published On 16 Jun 2013
female genital mutilation

San­i­ta­tion is not mere­ly a de­vel­op­ment wish list, but a fun­da­men­tal re­quire­ment that di­rect­ly af­fects peo­ple’s sur­vival.

Opinion by Davinder Kumar
Published On 23 Nov 2012

The po­lit­i­cal dri­ve to tack­le state­less­ness has fi­nal­ly found a foothold on the glob­al plat­form, writes the au­thor.

Opinion by Davinder Kumar
Published On 18 Dec 2011

Save the Chil­dren’s call to mo­bilise glob­al vac­ci­na­tions pro­vides hope to mil­lions of chil­dren, but ob­sta­cles re­main.

Published On 24 Jan 2011
Save the Children - Nurse preparing vaccine