The US Space Agency NASA has announced that last month was the warmest September on record.

This follows a particularly warm spell for the planet, and means the last six months were the warmest ever seen in the 134 years of records.

The warm spell started in April, which was the first year in at least 800,000 years that atmospheric carbon dioxide reached 400 parts per million.

Since then, May, June, August and now September were all the warmest months on record.

This warm spell is thought to have been helped by the El Nino conditions which are emerging in the Pacific Ocean.

El Nino is a slight warming of the waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean, and although El Nino hasn’t been formally announced yet, the waters have been showing a warming trend over recent months.

El Nino is expected to develop fully over the next few months, and if this is the case, the planet’s warm spell could well continue.

Source: Al Jazeera