Blistering heat is affecting much of central and northern India ahead of the summer monsoon rains. Temperatures are generally around four or five degrees above average both by day and by night.

New Delhi has seen temperatures up around 45 Celsius over the last three day and dip no lower than 30C overnight. Wednesday’s maximum of 45.6C was a new record for the month of May.

Meanwhile, Nagpur saw the mercury rise to 47.9C, but top of the table were Ganganagar and Chandrapur hitting highs of 48.2C. Locals have been struggle to cope, and there has been a surge in the number of heat stroke patients at the hospitals.

The severe heatwave conditions look set to ease as we go into the weekend. Temperatures are likely to peak across the northwest on Friday before thundery showers break the heat, albeit temporarily.

May and June are usually the hottest months of the year in India with temperatures often in the range of 42 to 47C in many places. Temperatures may rise even higher next week. The hottest weather is still to come.

Source: Al Jazeera