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World leaders are being urged to address the issue of HIV and AIDS in their countries, as part of an international conference on the topic in Vienna, Austria.

The head of the International AIDS society says world leaders lack the political will to ensure that HIV/AIDS patients receive the treatment they need, as a conference on the issue begins in Vienna, Austria.

Julio Montaner, the head of the International AIDS Society, criticised world leaders on Monday for lacking the political will to ensure patients received the treatment they needed.

He said rich countries were quick to respond with loans when the Greek economy faltered, but failed to deliver on their commitment to help the millions of people suffering from the disease.  

The conference is also expected to look at how to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDs through needle sharing, which is estimated to cause around 10 per cent of infections.

One programme in Britain is already making a significant difference to HIV rates by introducing a needle exhange programme.

Paul Brennan reports.

Source: Aljazeera