Mayhem in Sudan's Shilluk Kingdom

An Al Jazeera exclusive report on the havoc wreaked by south Sudan's SPLA army on one tribe.

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    The SPLA army has burned scores of villages and raped hundreds of women and girls in Southern Sudan's Shilluk Kingdom. An untold number of civilians have also been killed.
    This is not Darfur, where similar crimes have been documented in past years. This is in south Sudan, which may be on the eve of its independence, and the crimes were committed not by the Arab janjaweed but by the SPLA, the former south Sudan rebels who now constitute the region's army.
    The CIA has called Southern Sudan the place in the world most likely to witness a genocide or mass killing in the coming five years.
    Al Jazeera's May Ying Welsh visited the Shilluk tribe in Fashoda, the holy city of their kingdom.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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