The German village helping Yazidi women raped by ISIL

More than 1,000 Yazidi women and children who were enslaved by ISIL are in Germany as part of a project to treat trauma.

Syria's Civil War

'ISIL committing genocide, sex attacks against Yazidis'

Fighters killing thousands of members of religious minority in Syria and keeping women as sexual slaves, UN says.

Middle East

'Germany is a good place, but it is not our home'

A small number of Iraqi Yazidi families have returned home after life in Germany failed to meet expectations.

Middle East

'In five years there won't be any Yazidis left here'

Many members of the Yazidi religious minority in Iraq, fearing persecution, are choosing to migrate to Germany.

War & Conflict

Dying for Mount Sinjar: Remembering a Yazidi fighter

The life and death of Saeed Hibo, a Yazidi father and fighter who died while defending his home from an ISIL attack.

Middle East

ISIL is out of Sinjar, but Yazidis are still fearful

Kurdish and Yazidi fighters succeeded in expelling ISIL from Sinjar last week, but the town is in ruins.

War & Conflict

A year after ISIL attack, Yazidis 'will never forget'

Iraq's Yazidis are still struggling to recover after ISIL killed or abducted thousands in Sinjar last August.

Human Rights

For Yazidi girls escaping ISIL, a long road to healing

An NGO is helping Yazidi girls who have escaped ISIL captivity reintegrate into society.

War & Conflict

Yazidis accused of reprisal attacks on Sunnis in Iraq

Members of Yazidi community, which suffered atrocities by ISIL last year, have allegedly massacred Arab villagers.


Political rivalries split Iraq's Yazidis

As the fight against ISIL continues, rival Kurdish parties attempt to win the loyalty of the Yazidi religious group.

Arts & Culture

Blog: Remembering Yazidi suffering through art

Artist Ammar Salim has dedicated his life to keeping alive memories of his community's suffering through his paintings

War & Conflict

Hundreds of elderly Yazidis released by ISIL

About 200 mostly elderly members of the minority community freed after being held for months by armed group.

War & Conflict

Yazidis worry about fate of abducted girls

Members of Iraq's ethnic minority fear many of the 3,500 women and girls captured by ISIL have been sold as sex slaves.

War & Conflict

Iraqi Kurds say siege of Mount Sinjar broken

Peshmerga forces claim breakthrough against ISIL, reaching mountain where hundreds of Yazidis are trapped.

Humanitarian crises

Traumatised by ISIL, Yazidis seek help

The strong sense of community among Yazidis brings them through the trauma of war.