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Republicans: Reducing Manning's sentence is outrageous

Republicans say Obama's decision to shorten Chelsea Manning's sentence is a mistake that sets a dangerous precedent.

Human Rights

Obama cuts short Chelsea Manning's prison sentence

US army whistle-blower is one of 209 inmates whose sentences outgoing President Barack Obama has commuted.


WikiLeaks' Assange questioned over rape allegation

Founder of whistle-blowing website, who has been living in Ecuador's UK embassy for years, denies the accusations.

The Listening Post

WikiLeaks, political hacks and the US election

Is Julian Assange playing a political role, meddling with US electoral affairs, or is WikiLeaks a neutral mouthpiece?

The Listening Post

WikiLeaks: Neutral reporter or political player?

As WikiLeaks hits Hillary Clinton, we ask if it is doing its journalistic mission or interfering in the US election.


WikiLeaks: Assange's internet 'severed' by state actor

WikiLeaks says it is activating "contingency plans" after Assange's internet access cut by a "state actor".

Inside Story

Is WikiLeaks still relevant?

Whistle-blowing website promises to reveal more secret and "significant" documents before year's end.


WikiLeaks founder promises new leaks on US election

Julian Assange pledges to release one million documents related to US vote, but denies aiming to harm Clinton.

Julian Assange

Swedish appeals court upholds Assange detention order

Judges reject plea by WikiLeaks founder, holed up in Ecuadorian embassy in London, to have 2010 detention order dropped.


Julian Assange to be questioned in Ecuadorian Embassy

WikiLeaks founder has been living in the London Embassy since 2012 to avoid arrest over rape allegations.

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Manning 'faces solitary detention' for suicide attempt

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning could face "indefinite solitary confinement" for a suicide attempt, her lawyers say.

Turkey attempted coup

WikiLeaks releases thousands of 'Erdogan emails'

WikiLeaks publishes trove of nearly 300,000 emails allegedly belonging to Turkish President Erdogan's ruling party.

Turkey attempted coup

WikiLeaks to release Turkey power structure documents

WikiLeaks said it would publish data on Turkey’s political power structure following the failed coup attempt.

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Q&A: Julian Assange on the Panama Papers

The WikiLeaks founder speaks to Richard Gizbert about secrets, leaks and why all 11.5 million files should be published.

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Digital Dissidents

An in-depth look at the most famous whistleblowers of the 21st century and what drives them to speak out.