Iraqi army denies bombing civilians in ISIL-held Qaim

Military claims air strikes killed ISIL foreign fighters, accusing media and politicians of aiding propaganda effort.

Battle for Aleppo

Assad: Capturing Aleppo 'huge step' to end Syria's war

Syrian president rejects opposition ceasefire offer as his army tightens the noose on rebel-held part of the key city.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi army mistakenly bombs civilians in ISIL-held city

Iraqi air force kills at least 52 civilians waiting for salaries in western city of al-Qaim with dozens of others hurt.

Battle for Mosul

Iraq army launches assault on vital Mosul bridge

After weeks of close-quarter combat, Iraqi soldiers aim to sever important ISIL fighter route over the Tigris River.

Inside Story

Who's benefiting from the war industry?

The United States remains the world's dominant weapons dealer despite a fall in sales.

Battle for Mosul

New UN tally shows spike in casualties in Iraq

Deaths of civilians, security forces, and Peshmerga fighters are all on the rise amid ferocious battles for Mosul.

Battle for Aleppo

Russia says no intention of stopping Aleppo air raids

Foreign minister vows to clear Syrian city of "terrorists" while working with Turkey for increased humanitarian access.


Twelve Yemeni civilians killed in coalition air strike

Pro-government forces accused of operating among civilians in bloody battle for Taiz and harassing medical staff.

Battle for Mosul

Report: ISIL crushes rebellion plot in Mosul

Some 58 seditious fighters - caught in plan to help Iraqi forces capture key city - reportedly put to death by drowning.


Taliban captures Afghanistan's Ghormach district

Armed group continues brazen offensives while taking Ghormach in the northwest as security situation deteriorates.


US: Navy destroyer in missile attack from Yemen

Saudi military base also targeted by missile fired deep inside the kingdom near holy city of Mecca.


Revisiting UK government's role in Iraq invasion

Tony Blair's government is accused of using phony evidence to launch 2003 invasion despite a million British protesters.


Auschwitz trial: Ex-guard admits serving in death camp

Reinhold Hanning told a court he was ashamed of service at camp where nearly a million Jews were murdered.


Syrian rebels capture key ISIL town north of Aleppo

Fighters say the seizure of al-Rai is a crucial step towards taking other ISIL strongholds in Syria.

Nusra Front

Syrian army launches Aleppo counter-offensive

Russian air strikes target 1,500 al-Nusra Front-led fighters making a push towards Syria's second-largest city.