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SpaceX makes history by re-using rocket

The American aerospace company's success marks an important step towards making space travel cheaper.


Why discovering new Earth-like planets matters

Seven years ago, no one - even an astronomer - could tell you whether any planets that might be like Earth existed.

by Lucianne Walkowicz

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First tourist trip around the moon planned for 2018

SpaceX has announced it plans to launch two paying passengers on a tourist trip around the moon next year.

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A lunar journey: Humanity's missions around the Moon

Elon Musk's private space company SpaceX is planning to send two unnamed tourists around the Moon in 2018.


India puts record 104 satellites into orbit

With a single rocket, India successfully put 104 satellites into orbit, breaking the previous record set by Russia.


Farewell to the last man to walk on the Moon

Before his death, Gene Cernan threw down the challenge to the next generation to forge the destiny of tomorrow.

by Mark Craig


US astronaut John Glenn dies at 95

Glenn was credited with reviving US pride after the Soviet Union's early domination of manned space exploration.

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Seven months on, lander begins final descent to Mars

European-led space mission to search for signs of life on Red Planet after seven-month journey from Earth.


Europe's comet probe ends 12-year mission with crash

Collision with 67P, 720 million km away, marks final bid to gather closer than ever images of the ice-and-rock cluster.

Inside Story

Is travel to Mars on the horizon?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says his company is developing a large spacecraft to take people to Mars by 2024.

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NASA bid to track, study and 'vacuum' ancient asteroid

US space agency launches first mission to retrieve dust from asteroid in hopes of learning more about origins of life.


NASA: Jupiter storms like nothing we've seen before

US space agency releases pictures of first flyby of Juno probe, showing storms unlike any other in the solar system.

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'Earth-like planet' found orbiting star nearest to Sun

Located just four light years away from the Earth, Proxima b could be within the so-called habitable zone.


Unsafe shrimp and the question of seafood farming

Is the FDA doing enough to protect consumers from illegal antibiotics in their seafood?

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Moon rover tested in Qatari desert

Qatar's desert found to be an ideal environment to test private German prototype Moon rover.