Science & Technology

NASA bid to track, study and 'vacuum' ancient asteroid

US space agency launches first mission to retrieve dust from asteroid in hopes of learning more about origins of life.


NASA: Jupiter storms like nothing we've seen before

US space agency releases pictures of first flyby of Juno probe, showing storms unlike any other in the solar system.

Science & Technology

'Earth-like planet' found orbiting star nearest to Sun

Located just four light years away from the Earth, Proxima b could be within the so-called habitable zone.


Unsafe shrimp and the question of seafood farming

Is the FDA doing enough to protect consumers from illegal antibiotics in their seafood?

Science & Technology

Moon rover tested in Qatari desert

Qatar's desert found to be an ideal environment to test private German prototype Moon rover.


Russia revs up the business of space

Moscow counts down launch of private space sector in the shadows of prolific accomplishments of its Soviet past.

Science & Technology

What living in space does to your body

A spotlight on the physical effects of living in space and time required for recovery from its negative impact.


Gravitational wave spacecraft exceeds expectations

Scientists say experimental spacecraft is five times more accurate than hoped, paving way for larger mission.

Science & Technology

Indian shuttle test considered success

India's space agency releases video of reusable space shuttle test, saying technology worked as planned.

Science & Technology

Indian space shuttle makes first test flight

India successfully launches an experimental spacecraft it hopes will form the basis of its own re-usable space shuttle.

Science & Technology

Inflatable 'tent' set to transform manned space flight

US company set to attach experimental expandable space habitat to the International Space Station.

United States

SpaceX sends inflatable room for astronauts to space

Spaceship carrying lettuce seeds, lab mice and an inflatable pop-up room arrives at International Space Station.

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The week in pictures

From refugee crises in Europe to the Academy Awards, here is this week's news in photos.

Science & Technology

Scientist: Comet probe should have had coloured stripes

As European team gives up on contacting Philae lander, mission scientist says he wishes they had made it easier to see.

Science & Technology

Einstein's gravitational waves detected by scientists

US scientists announce first ever detection of gravitational waves in breakthrough which opens a new window to cosmos.