Canada's wild rice wars

How a conflict over wild ricing on Pigeon Lake is drawing attention to Indigenous rights and traditional foods.


Australia: Creating a Nation

One former journalist has renounced his Australian citizenship and is creating an independent indigenous nation.

Human Rights

US: Unearthing the dark past of Native boarding school

Unmarked graves shed light on 'America's best kept secret' of abuse towards Native communities.

War & Conflict

Canadian aboriginal activist stands up to Israel

Canadian First Nations chief boards Gaza flotilla to protest against worldwide scourge of colonialism.

by Antonia Zerbisias

Human Rights

Canada's dark history of abuse at residential schools

Truth and Reconciliation Commission finds Canada guilty of 'cultural genocide' and abuse of Aboriginals.

US & Canada

Seeking justice for Canada's murdered women

Hundreds of aboriginal women have been murdered or are missing, prompting calls for a national public inquiry.