Pakistan Sufi singer Amjad Sabri gunned down in Karachi

One of Pakistan's most renowned qawwali performers is shot dead by gunmen in the southern port city of Karachi.


Turkish police break up rally against Radiohead attack

Tear gas used to disperse protest against attack in which fans of UK band were beaten for drinking beer during Ramadan.

Middle East

Iranian female duo gives a voice to ethnic minorities

Naqsh Duo is a musical project that aims to bring Iran's forgotten ethnic musical voices into the international scene.

War & Conflict

Music returns to Pakistan's Peshawar

In bid to revive cultural heritage, officials announce support fund for local talent persecuted by Taliban.

Social media

Obama's praise of Finland's heavy metal goes viral

Social media reacts after US president says Nordic country's good governance might be linked to its heavy metal culture.


Web musicians build audience amid bleak finances

Financial outlook for independent musicians can be bleak, but ambition to make music and getting heard keeps them going.

Arts & Culture

Texas residents not in tune with international festival

South by Southwest helped Austin become a capital of cool but hastened the process of displacing many.

Arts & Culture

Meet DRC's self-taught symphony orchestra

Founder says more Congolese attend concerts now compared with 10 years ago when audiences were dominated by expats.


Turkey blocks 'rocking imam' from singing in Portugal

Turkish religious authority refuses to allow musician imam Tuzer to perform at a concert hosted by Porto's art museum.


XOV interview: The success story of a refugee in Sweden

From fighting neo-Nazis in Stockholm, to being featured in the Hunger Games soundtrack and helping refugees in Lesbos.


Gangbe Afrobeats

Benin's Gangbe Brass Band heads to Lagos to perform at the spiritual home of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti's New Afrika Shrine.

Arts & Culture

50 Cent, Johnny Cash and the history of hip-hop

"Hip-hop is a manifestation of black culture as vital, valuable, strong and self-determining."

Arts & Culture

K-pop star rocked by Taiwan flag row

Teenage singer Chou Tzuyu forced to apologise on air after posing with a Taiwanese flag and triggering a backlash.


M.I.A: Nothing negative about multiculturalism

The artist, musician and rapper comments on her latest song, Borders, and its accompanying video, an ode to refugees.


Sunday in Brazzaville

We explore the hip side of Congo-Brazzaville with a style icon, a rap artist, a wrestler, and a radio talk show host.