Rodrigo Duterte

Senators: Duterte impeachable over claims of killings

Philippine President Duterte's claims of killings when he was a mayor constitute "high crimes", two senators say.

Fault Lines

The Anacortes Refinery Disaster

A report on the aftermath of the Anacortes oil refinery explosion and ongoing efforts to hold the company accountable.

Latin America Investigates

Mexico: Land of Impunity

Investigating an apparent culture of impunity that allows some in Mexican law enforcement to detain and kill at will.

Fault Lines

The Contract: Chicago's Police Union

Fault Lines travels to Chicago to investigate the role of the police union contract in creating a code of silence.

South Africa

South Africa's move to quit ICC challenged in court

Democratic Alliance opposition party challenges government over move to withdraw from International Criminal Court.


Turkey: Furious debate over child marriage proposal

Critics accuse proposal of "encouraging child rape" but officials say it will protect those too young to marry legally.


Pakistan PM denies corruption allegations

Nawaz Sharif files response to Supreme Court order but leaves out his children despite orders in Panama Papers inquiry.


Iranian-American gets 18-year sentence for 'espionage'

Robin Shahini, convicted of aiding a "hostile" government, says he will go on hunger strike until he is freed or dies.


Tehran court sentences Iranian-Americans for 'spying'

Detentions of Siamak Namazi and his father Baquer, a former UNICEF worker, come amid a crackdown on dual citizens.

Human Rights

San Diego police leader apologises for 'dark history'

Comments about historical mistreatment of minorities come as police shootings of black men roil communities across US.

Human Rights

Japan: Forced confessions and wrong convictions

In Japan, nearly all cases that go to court end in convictions, but some abuse the law to obtain false confessions.


Pakistan adopts new law to tackle 'honour killings'

New legislation mandates life imprisonment of "honour" killers - even if victim's relatives forgive the murderers.

101 East

Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

A look at Japan's justice system as forced confessions and wrong convictions threaten to taint law enforcement agencies.


Thailand introduces new anti-corruption court

Ruling generals seen as trying to prove their sincerity by fundamentally reforming country's legal process.


Brazil: Ex-president Lula charged in corruption probe

Prosecutors file charges against Lula, his wife and six others in connection to sprawling Petrobras corruption scandal.