Hope for justice in Syria from an unlikely source

An independent mechanism established by the UNGA is working towards abolishing the reign of criminal impunity in Syria.

by David Tolbert


S Africa's ICC withdrawal revoked after court ruling

UN treaty posts website notice saying that the South African government will no longer pursue ICC withdrawal.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Australia encourages Israel's occupation of Palestine

The Australian government's flirtation with Israel extends to a selective and dangerous approach to international law.

by Rawan Arraf


Breivik's rights not violated in prison: appeals court

Mass murderer Anders Breivik claimed that he had been abused for being placed in near-isolation since he was jailed.


SA court rules ICC withdrawal plan unconstitutional

South African government wanted to leave the ICC as a result of the court's alleged bias against African nations.

Turkey attempted coup

Erdogan 'assassination plot' trial begins in Turkey

Trial of 47 people accused of plotting to kill President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has begun in the southern city of Mugla.


Husband of Spain's Princess Cristina gets jail term

Cristina ordered to pay fines and Inaki Urdangarin given six-year sentence for charges including fraud and tax evasion.


Egypt NGO law 'worst in country's history'

The law is part of a wider crackdown on human rights groups, activists say.

Middle East

Palestine writer 'unable to go home' after ban on novel

Ramallah-based writer stranded abroad after controversial novel banned and an arrest warrant issued.

US & Canada

Trump's attorney general confirmed after bitter battle

Trump's choice, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, confirmed after accusations of racism and strong resistance.

Middle East

Will Assad ever be tried for his crimes?

Documentation of violations and crimes in Syria is the first step in the pursuit of justice.

by Noha Aboueldahab


France prosecuting citizens for 'crimes of solidarity'

French citizens are facing prosecution and even jail time for helping refugees and migrants.


Turkey's constitutional reform: All you need to know

Supporters say the constitutional reform will bring stability, but critics believe it may 'lead to a one-man rule'.

US & Canada

Guilty VW to pay record $4.3bn over emissions scandal

Penalty is largest ever levied by the US government against a carmaker as Volkswagen admits guilt to three charges.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli PM calls for pardon of convicted soldier Azaria

Israeli prime minister urges clemency after military court convicts soldier who shot dead a wounded Palestinian.