US & Canada

Trump's attorney general confirmed after bitter battle

Trump's choice, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, confirmed after accusations of racism and strong resistance.

Middle East

Will Assad ever be tried for his crimes?

Documentation of violations and crimes in Syria is the first step in the pursuit of justice.

by Noha Aboueldahab


France prosecuting citizens for 'crimes of solidarity'

French citizens are facing prosecution and even jail time for helping refugees and migrants.


Turkey's constitutional reform: All you need to know

Supporters say the constitutional reform will bring stability, but critics believe it may 'lead to a one-man rule'.

US & Canada

Guilty VW to pay record $4.3bn over emissions scandal

Penalty is largest ever levied by the US government against a carmaker as Volkswagen admits guilt to three charges.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli PM calls for pardon of convicted soldier Azaria

Israeli prime minister urges clemency after military court convicts soldier who shot dead a wounded Palestinian.

Middle East

UAE bans keeping wild animals as pets

The new law forbids dealing in and ownership of all types of wild, domesticated and dangerous animals.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel soldier Elor Azaria found guilty of manslaughter

Israeli military court convicts soldier who shot dead Palestinian as he was wounded and incapacitated.

Human Rights

India police blamed for almost 600 prisoner deaths

Officers not held accountable for deaths of almost 600 people in custody between 2010 and 2015, Human Rights Watch says.

Rodrigo Duterte

Senators: Duterte impeachable over claims of killings

Philippine President Duterte's claims of killings when he was a mayor constitute "high crimes", two senators say.

Fault Lines

The Anacortes Refinery Disaster

A report on the aftermath of the Anacortes oil refinery explosion and ongoing efforts to hold the company accountable.

Latin America Investigates

Mexico: Land of Impunity

Investigating an apparent culture of impunity that allows some in Mexican law enforcement to detain and kill at will.

Fault Lines

The Contract: Chicago's Police Union

Fault Lines travels to Chicago to investigate the role of the police union contract in creating a code of silence.

South Africa

South Africa's move to quit ICC challenged in court

Democratic Alliance opposition party challenges government over move to withdraw from International Criminal Court.


Turkey: Furious debate over child marriage proposal

Critics accuse proposal of "encouraging child rape" but officials say it will protect those too young to marry legally.