Middle East

Israel's gun policy: A licence to kill Palestinians

Israelis are encouraged to carry weapons in public as restrictions on gun ownership are loosened.

Middle East

Israeli forces kill Palestinians at Qalandiya camp

Day of rage in the occupied West Bank comes after deadly gun battle in Qalandiya refugee camp.

Middle East

How Palestinian women defy Israel's occupation

From mothering a child to mourning one, three women share stories of steadfastness and resistance.


Qatari FM warns of 'one of the worst intifadas'

Khalid al Attiyah says 'when you [talk] about the Masjid Al-Aqsa in Palestine…you are provoking [all] Muslims.'

Middle East

Oz: Israel's prison for Palestinian children

Over 100 children have been subject to arbitrary detention by Israel in October across the West Bank, rights groups say.

War & Conflict

Forum: How can Palestinians legally fight occupation?

Experts say the question is not about Palestine's right to resist, but about holding Israel accountable for its crimes.


Headliner: Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat

The PLO secretary-general calls negotiations with Israeli government a 'waste of time'.

Middle East

Women of the Intifadas

Three generations of Palestinian women reflect on how female fighters have always been a part of the resistance.

Middle East

Did Israel plant a knife on a dead Palestinian?

Palestinian activists say video shows soldier placing knife next to Hebron teenager killed by a settler.

War & Conflict

The 100-year Intifada

Little has changed in Israel's colonial endeavours and its propensity for violence remains bound by racist discourse.

by Ramzy Baroud

Middle East

Intifada or not, something powerful is going on

Palestinians are coming together, regardless of age, gender and political affiliation, in a show of solidarity.


Time to say 'I am a Jerusalemite'

When will the apartheid wall come down?

by Jamal Juma
- Maren Mantovani


Nothing is changing for Jerusalem's Palestinians

A silent Intifada is taking place in Jerusalem due to Israel's policy of denying Palestinians their

by Daoud Kuttab

War & Conflict

Is another Intifada in the works?

Current conditions may not be ripe for another Palestinian uprising, 14 years after the Aqsa Intifad

by Sharif Nashashibi


Gaza, the Goy!

How many more wars and devastation will it take to end Israeli apartheid?

by Haidar Eid