Science & Technology

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy

Experts warn expansive new surveillance laws and lax attitudes threaten civil liberties and expose new vulnerabilities.


The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law

Some regulation of the internet is in order, but Pakistan's cybercrime law goes too far.

by Bina Shah


Under surveillance in Russia

How and why Russia has been intensifying surveillance of activists, journalists and opposition figures.

by Roman Dobrokhotov

Fault Lines

Crypto Wars: Behind the Encryption Debate

Fault Lines investigates the debate over encryption and what's at stake when the US government goes after private data.

Cyber Security

Hackers cripple US internet in wide-scale cyber attack

WikiLeaks implied its supporters may be behind the attack and asked them to "stop taking down the US internet".

Middle East

First internet addiction rehab clinic opens in Algeria

Health experts at the new clinic agree that internet overuse has emerged as a national issue.

Business & Economy

News media industry: Going for broke

As publishers try to fix a broken business model, it isn't only journalists who are pining for the "good old days".


Hackers steal personal data from 500m Yahoo accounts

Yahoo blames 2014 data theft on a "state-sponsored actor" - parlance used for hackers working for a foreign government.

Science & Technology

The hidden danger of big data

The price of anarchy is a price well worth paying if we want to preserve innovation through serendipity.

by Carlo Ratti
- Dirk Helbing


ISIL foils governments with encryption, UN experts say

Fighters from ISIL and al-Qaeda use encrypted messages on darknets to plan potential attacks, according to a UN report.


Internet or splinternet?

The movement towards sovereign control of the internet is growing, and a degree of fragmentation already exists.

by Joseph S Nye

Inside Story

How safe is your personal information on the internet?

With several recent data breaches, are governments and companies doing enough to protect our information online?

Science & Technology

Pakistan cybercrime bill raises free-speech questions

Activists criticise law hurriedly passed in parliament's lower house and aimed at preventing and criminalising offences.


Bangladesh bank governor resigns after $81m hack

Governor criticised after failing to inform officials about the massive cyber-theft, allegedly by hackers in Asia.

Arab Spring

Arab Spring anniversary: When Egypt cut the internet

Hackers set out to "anonymise" online data during the 2011 uprising to keep demonstrators in the loop for protests.