CIA director hack by teen spotlights US cyber-frailty

John Brennan's compromised email demonstrates how even hi-tech superpowers can be bested by unsophisticated hackers.

War & Conflict

Report: Hackers obtain sensitive US military files

Last week's cyberattack was wider than believed as fresh reports say military and intelligence files also targeted.


Four million US government workers hit by cyber breach

FBI investigating cyberattack that is believed to have compromised data of current and former federal employees.

Science & Technology

FBI says plane hacker a threat to public safety

Did a well-known computer security researcher endanger public safety by hacking into aircraft control systems?

US & Canada

US offers $3m reward for information on Russian hacker

Evgeniy Bogachev is charged with running a computer attack network that allegedly stole more than $100m.

Science & Technology

Cybercrime robbers steal up to $1bn from global banks

Multinational gang of hackers stole amount from 100 banks in 30 nations over past two years, Russian security firm says.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Jason Moon: Preparing for a 'digital 9/11'

The professional hacker looks at the murky world of cyber crime and the threat of cyber terrorism.


N Korea 'back online' after internet outage

US denies involvement after reported online-access disruption amid tensions over cyberattack on Sony Pictures.