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Indians decry Hindu leader's temple rape comment

Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati says allowing women into temple in Maharashtra will lead to more rapes.

Human Rights

'He stomped on my head': Stories of domestic abuse

In Australia, one in four women experiences domestic violence from an intimate partner. Here are some of their stories.


The problem of too many baby boys in China

China ranks in the world's top five worst performing countries for equal gender ratios - with 33 million more men.

Human Rights

Domestic violence advert stirs up storm in South Africa

Salvation Army decision to use image of battered woman in tight-fitting gold-and-white dress prompts mixed reaction.


IOC dismisses Saudi-Bahrain joint Olympics bid hopes

IOC chief wants Saudi Arabia to comply with rules on non-discrimination against women in sports.


Artificial turf case dropped by female footballers

Legal action against Fifa and Canadian authorities was taken over type of surface at this year's Women's World Cup.

Human Rights

The rights of sex workers

Countries around the world do not have proper legislation on prostitution that defends sex workers'

by Sonja Dolinsek


Sterilisation in India: Rights and wrongs

India's strategy to decrease population growth is going in the wrong direction.

by Zoe Hamilton
- Anne Munger

United States

Rape culture on campus: The silence of men

The recently revealed cases of sexual assaults at the University of Virginia should be a wake up cal

by Alice Driver


On Erdogan and Muslim mothers

Are Erdogan's remarks on women's nature and role as mothers reflected in Islamic scriptures?

by Riada Asimovic Akyol

Human Rights

UN calls for end to violence against women

UN wants to end gender violence as 35 percent of women and girls globally experience physical and or sexual violence.


'Miniskirt' assault protest draws thousands

Public stripping and assault of woman and rival protests thereafter highlight Kenya's gender-relations divide.

Human Rights

Kenyans hold miniskirt rally after assault

Protesters gather in Nairobi to rally in support of a woman who was stripped by a mob for dressing "indecently".

War & Conflict

Women reporting abuse in Somalia without persecution

The African Union is launching an investigation into sex abuse allegations against its troops in Som

by Maria Burnett

Inside Story

Can the world be fair to women?

The World Economic Forum says global gender gap is still wide, and it could take 80 years to achieve full equality.