Counting the Cost

US 2016: How much does the economy matter?

A look at present economic woes and the future direction the country will take under whoever wins the White House.


A happy new year for Europe?

A year or two from now, the EU will look very different.

by Carl Bildt


European Monetary Union: What manner of a union?

The eurozone is fit only for strong and highly competitive economies, not for the likes of Greece, Portugal and Spain.

by C J Polychroniou

In the Field

Greeks: How did we lose our way?

In the heart of Athens everyday Greeks show us how they face the hardship and constraints brought on by the crisis.


Greece says new bailout agreement secured

Greek finance minister says minor details left pending in talks with lenders.


Anti-austerity: A political revolution

As austerity punishes and pauperises more people, the counter-arguments to it are becoming more mainstream.

by Rachel Shabi


Romania's white knight: The EU

The narrative that the European Union disrespects democracy is a fallacy.

by Remi Piet


Can Syriza survive austerity?

Newly approved austerity measures lead to Syriza defections, jeopardising Tsipras' position.


The bailout deal: A true Greek tragedy

The eurozone crisis has revealed profoundly different national narratives and a striking European democratic deficit.

by Jan Douwe Keulen

Business & Economy

Greece bailout deal sparks domestic opposition

Greek junior coalition partner says it cannot back agreement with EU, as civil servants' union calls for 24-hour strike.


EU cancels summit in attempt to stop 'Grexit'

Full summit of EU leader to decide Greece's fate in eurozone scrapped to let finance ministers reach bailout deal.


EU demands 'Greece do more' for debt bailout

Talks with EU finance ministers wrap up, with ministers saying Greece must do more to prove it will honour its debts.


Q&A with Italian PM: 'I think Sisi is a great leader'

In wide-ranging interview Matteo Renzi discusses Greece's future, the migrant crisis and the Egyptian president.


After the referendum, a financial storm brews in Greece

Greeks running out of cash and commodities as government 'scrambles' to secure deal before Sunday deadline.


Merkel says still no basis for Greek bailout talks

German chancellor says leaders meeting in Brussels still have no basis for negotiations but she expects deal in days.