Israel suspends UNESCO ties over al-Aqsa resolution

Palestinians welcome UNESCO resolution that criticises Israeli policies around al-Aqsa compound in occupied Jerusalem.


Two killed in Jerusalem drive-by shooting

Alleged attacker shot dead by Israeli forces after opening fire and killing two near police HQs in East Jerusalem.


East Jerusalem's elections are more than symbolic

Even a "shadow" municipal council could help solve some major problems in East Jerusalem.

by Daoud Kuttab


Death amongst the tourists of occupied East Jerusalem

Life in Jerusalem quickly returns to normal after a man is killed by Israeli troops for allegedly trying to carry out a stabbing attempt.

Human Rights

Jewish settlers granted new East Jerusalem building

The municipal approval is the latest case of what Palestinians call efforts to push them out of their own neighbourhood.


Israelis mark annexation of East Jerusalem

Israeli police deployed in Jerusalem to secure a march marking the seizure of the eastern half of the city.

Middle East

Israel court convicts Palestinian boy of murder attempt

Ahmed Manasra's family condemns the ruling, saying it was an unjust court decision.

Middle East

Israeli convicted of killing teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Israeli court rejects insanity claim by defendant, convicting him for murdering Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khdeir in 2014.

Middle East

How Israel is 'turning Palestinians into Zionists'

Israel is forcing Palestinian schools in occupied East Jerusalem to switch over to an Israeli-controlled curriculum.

Middle East

The paradox of being an Arab member of Israel's Knesset

Al Jazeera speaks with Jamal Zahalka, one of the suspended Arab members of Israeli Knesset and head of Balad party.

Arts & Culture

Final curtain looms for historic Palestinian theatre

The Palestinian National Theatre in East Jerusalem is struggling to fill its seats as bills continue to mount.

Human Rights

Israeli checkpoints: 'We live under colonisation'

With nearly 100 Israeli-controlled permanent checkpoints in the West Bank, Al Jazeera asked Palestinians how they cope.


Israeli police accused of abusing Palestinian boy

Footage appears to show officers intimidating a 13-year-old to confess to attempted murder of Israeli citizens.

Middle East

Oz: Israel's prison for Palestinian children

Over 100 children have been subject to arbitrary detention by Israel in October across the West Bank, rights groups say.

The Listening Post

Israel-Palestine: The conflict and the coverage

We analyse the polarising coverage of the clashes in occupied East Jerusalem; plus, the false binaries in the media.