Child rights

Losing Laura: Growing up without mum

Twelve-year-old Garrett's greatest worry is that he will one day forget his mother, who died from cancer four years ago.


What this picture means to me: The last summer

"For a few moments, as she floated in the sea, there was no walker or cane, no cancer, just life ...."

The Cure

Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

A new experimental therapy helps tackle genetic disorders by addressing their root cause - faulty genes.


Can high-tech goggles revolutionise cancer surgery?

How surgeons use military technology in the operating theatre to see cancer in the dark; plus, CT scanning for fossils.


Study says dogs can sniff out certain cancers

Researchers hope canines could help diagnose cancers in their early stages, avoiding some other invasive methods.

Science & Technology

German cancer treatment shows promising signs

Technique using high-energy beams to destroy cancer cells in static tumours is being developed to treat moving ones.


US research links cancer to plain bad luck

Two-thirds of cancer cases are not influenced by heredity or risky habits, but lack of biological luck, say scientists.


Sniffing out cancer

We delve into the mystery behind the science of canine high-powered scent detectors and ask if dogs can smell cancer.


Smoking out the truth

Are health claims for the new generation of e-cigarettes true, or are they a smokescreen?

The Cure

Facial Reconstruction

Rebuilding faces with techniques borrowed from the film industry.


Canadians fear toxic waste causing cancer

Residents near Canada's vast oil sands region say high cancer rates is being caused by pollution from mining.


Living Downstream

An American ecologist probes the effects of chemical industry polluting water supplies, while battling cancer.

People & Power

Cancer Sell

People & Power goes undercover to investigate the clinics offering cancer patients little but false hope.