Qatar retrospective exhibits Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi

Dia Azzawi's retrospective in Doha is a "manifesto" against events following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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'Arab artists conduits between governments and people'

UAE-based commentator says artists are key in absence of civil society, free media and political parties in Arab world.


Web musicians build audience amid bleak finances

Financial outlook for independent musicians can be bleak, but ambition to make music and getting heard keeps them going.


Africa's booming art scene gains global attention

The increasing demand has made more creations from South Africa, Senegal and Ghana appear on the international market.


Ai Weiwei at Idomeni: What happened to our humanity?

Chinese artist tells Al Jazeera Europe's response to the crisis is stripping refugees of their "basic human rights".

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India turns shipping containers into 'vessels of art'

With the help of local and international artists, residents of Oklha have transformed their community into art havens.

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Jordanian film nominated for an Oscar

If Theeb wins an Academy Award for the best foreign film, it will become the first Arab picture to be awarded an Oscar.


Syrian artists find solace in Istanbul

A Syrian-run art centre is giving refugees the chance to continue pursuing their passions in Turkey's cultural capital.

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Restored photos retrace Shackleton's Antarctic voyage

Expedition photographer saved negatives from a trip to the white continent in 1915, which are now on display in London.


Tomorrow We Disappear: New Delhi's Kathputli Slum

In a Delhi slum, puppeteers, musicians, jugglers and acrobats try to unite as they wrangle with an approaching eviction.


African stories told by Africans using manga animations

Tired of telling stories of other people's cultures, a Senegalese animator has moved home to develop homegrown mangas.

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Jeff Koons: High art or plain extravagance?

The world's most expensive living artist discusses his work and the controversies surrounding his creations and career.

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Bringing Arab opera to a Western stage

A concert performance at London's Royal Opera House is a timely showcase of the Middle East's gifted artists.

by Lana Asfour

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Change through art: Latin America's other revolution

Art is being used as a tool to overcome trauma and displacement and to forge a new Latin American identity.

by Patricia Boero

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Revamped Picasso museum opens in Paris

Though three years late, and over budget, museum reopens in city where Pablo Picasso spent most of his adult life.