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Nobel laureate Derek Walcott dies at 87 in St Lucia

Winner of 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature dies at his house in Caribbean island of St Lucia after long illness.

Nobel laureate Derek Walcott dies at 87 in St Lucia


The Walled Off Hotel: The struggle for decolonisation

Banksy's new installation hotel in Bethlehem is a powerful anticolonial statement about the Zionist colonial project.

Jamil Khader

by Jamil Khader

Jamil Khader


Street art in Jordan: 'The world is their gallery'

Graffiti artist Suhaib Attar says his goal is to brighten up Amman and help people think outside the box.

Street art in Jordan: 'The world is their gallery'


London gallery faces protest over far-right ties

Anti-fascist activists accuse curator of far-right sympathies after exhibition of works by white supremacists.

London gallery LD50 courts anger with far-right ties

Muslim Ban

Syrian artist vows never to seek US visa under Trump

Syrian Khaled Akil, whose work is being exhibited in California, joins artists protesting discriminatory travel ban.

Artist Khaled Akil vows not to seek US visa under Trump

rebel education

After School: Where Art Meets Technology

Armenian students explore the intersection between art and technology to develop skills not taught in other classrooms.


When nations fall their artists rise

Exploring five decades of Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi's works.

Hamid Dabashi

by Hamid Dabashi

Hamid Dabashi

Reporter's Notebook

Exhibition highlights globalisation of emojis

New York art museum displays 176 original emojis seen as way of "bridging communication gaps" between different communities.

Middle East

How it feels being a Syrian in exile

The work of Syrian filmmaker, Saeed al-Batal, explores the feeling of never knowing when – or if – you will return.

Facing the mirror: Filmmaker records exile in Beirut


Qatar retrospective exhibits Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi

Dia Azzawi's retrospective in Doha is a "manifesto" against events following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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'Arab artists conduits between governments and people'

UAE-based commentator says artists are key in absence of civil society, free media and political parties in Arab world.

Sultan al-Qassemi: Arab artists are key amid censorship


Web musicians build audience amid bleak finances

Financial outlook for independent musicians can be bleak, but ambition to make music and getting heard keeps them going.

Web musicians build audience amid bleak finances


Africa's booming art scene gains global attention

The increasing demand has made more creations from South Africa, Senegal and Ghana appear on the international market.


Ai Weiwei at Idomeni: What happened to our humanity?

Chinese artist tells Al Jazeera Europe's response to the crisis is stripping refugees of their "basic human rights".

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India turns shipping containers into 'vessels of art'

With the help of local and international artists, residents of Oklha have transformed their community into art havens.