Rachel's HIV Revolution

In Burkina Faso, one women challenges stigma and educates mothers on how to prevent transmitting HIV to their children.


UN: HIV rate in young African women disturbingly high

ARV treatment on the rise, but UN urges urgent action as thousands of young women continue to be infected with HIV.

In the Field

Left out in the cold: Living with HIV in Russia

Talk to Al Jazeera travels to Russia to find out what's behind the fast-growing HIV/Aids epidemic.


AIDS 2016: This pandemic is far from over

Since the start of the epidemic, AIDS-related illnesses killed 35 million while 78 million were infected with HIV.


Homeless HIV patient evicted to make way for AIDS 2016

South African police evict homeless people ahead of AIDS summit, including HIV patient who lost his ARVs in the process.


Charlize Theron pulls no punches at AIDS summit

South African actor stuns thousands in her homeland with sharp observations about society's role in failing to end AIDS.


'We worked hard at confronting HIV. It's paying off'

Dorcas Makgato, Botswana's health minister, speaks to Al Jazeera about what's next in the country's Aids treatment plan.


Is the Kremlin fuelling Russia's HIV/Aids epidemic?

Activists point to the Kremlin's abandonment of internationally accepted prevention methods for the mounting crisis.


How Malawi reduced its HIV/Aids infection rate

Malawi's Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, on the approach to HIV in a country where 10 percent are infected.

The Cure

Zimbabwe: Can a team of doctors end Aids by 2030?

We meet a team of doctors with an ambitious plan to tackle the country's HIV/Aids epidemic.

The South Africa 'Up' Series

28Up South Africa - Part Three

From joy to despair, the final film in this series takes a look at the lives of the characters we first met in 1992.

The South Africa 'Up' Series

21Up South Africa - Part Two

In 2006, 12 years after apartheid ended - poverty, race and violence are issues that many South Africans still face.


HIV/AIDS: Fewer deaths, but infections still rising

Although the number of AIDS-related deaths has reduced by 42 percent, the number of new infections is still high.


Q&A: Can the AIDS epidemic be eradicated by 2030?

Al Jazeera talks to Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti on the World Health Organization's claim AIDS epidemic can be ended.


Marking World AIDS Day

The global response to HIV/AIDS has prevented 30 million new HIV infections and nearly eight million deaths since 2000.