Poverty & Development

Dangerously cheap: Kenya's illegal abortions

An upcoming battle in Kenyan courts could determine future access to safe, legal abortions for women there.


Polish parliament rejects plans for total abortion ban

In a setback to the ruling conservatives, MPs reject near-total ban on abortion after massive street protests.


US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law

Supreme Court hands a major victory to abortion-rights campaigners, striking down Texas' contentious 2013 abortion law.


Indian minister calls for mandatory foetal gender tests

Women's rights activists say legalising the tests would increase foeticide of India's girls.


The problem of too many baby boys in China

China ranks in the world's top five worst performing countries for equal gender ratios - with 33 million more men.

Poverty & Development

Mozambique loosens anti-abortion laws

Attempting to lower maternal deaths, southern African country revised its penal code to allow some abortions.

Human Rights

Life support for pregnant Irish woman to end

Court allows hospital to switch off life support for brain-dead woman as her unborn foetus has no chance of survival.

Human Rights

Hundreds jailed for abortion in El Salvador

Abortion has been illegal under all circumstances since 1998 - even in cases of rape - with jail terms of 30 years.


Are reproductive rights human rights?

Women's lives continue to be endangered by anti-abortion policies.

by Julia Zulver

Fault Lines

Access Restricted: Abortion in Texas

Fault Lines travels to Texas to investigate why some women are taking abortion into their own hands.

People & Power

Life at any price

Are El Salvador's abortion laws endangering some women's lives while putting others behind bars?