Human Rights

Aboriginal Canadians take matters into their own hands

Government negligence is not stopping indigenous Canadians from pushing for their own economic and social change.


Australia Day, a day of mourning for Aboriginals

Indigenous Australians say the national holiday is deeply offensive and should be dubbed 'Invasion Day'.


An Australian republic 'could benefit Aborigines'

Leading academic says she backs call for an Australian head of state if sovereignty of indigenous people is recognised.

Asia Pacific

Does Australia have a racism problem?

Recent negative comments towards Muslims and Chinese highlight lasting legacy of 'White Australia' policy.

Poverty & Development

Australia sentences prisoners 'to a job'

Darwin's "Sentenced to a Job" scheme allows inmates to leave prison each day to gain basic work skills and training.


Canada failing to investigate murdered women

Nearly 1,200 aboriginal females have been killed or disappeared over 30 years with little justice served, critics say.


Australia rediscovering Indigenous rock art

Hope that expedition to examine 20,000 year old images will help Aboriginal community reconnect with their ancestors.


Aurukun: Mining for a future

One determined aboriginal woman fights for her destitute community's share in Australia's mining profits.