Middle East

PM Hariri: Lebanon has become a big refugee camp

Saad al-Hariri calls for more international support, saying he fears civil unrest due to Syrian refugee influx.

Reporter's Notebook

Refugee from Syria's ISIL-held Raqqa: 'People think we had a choice'

Resident of Lebanon's Bekaa Valley refugee camp recounts her family's struggles since escaping from ISIL's stronghold.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian critical after setting himself on fire in Greece

Man, 29, sustains burns to 85 percent of his body after incident inside the Vial centre on the Greek island of Chios.

Middle East

Number of Syrian refugees surges in 2017

UN report says Turkey now hosts nearly three million Syrians, with 47,000 more coming since February alone.


Refugees Got Talent

Four Syrian friends put on a TV-style talent show to lift spirits at the refugee camp where they are stranded.

Syria's Civil War

Six years on: The price of saying 'no' to Assad

Al Jazeera speaks to three Syrians whose lives have been forever changed since the 2011 uprising began.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee's 'voice was not heard' in Facebook case

German court has rejected Anas Modamani's request for Facebook to seek out and remove posts linking him to 'terrorism'.


German court rejects refugee's case against Facebook

Anas Modamani wanted Facebook to stop the spread of a selfie he took with Merkel that made him the target of racists.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee children process trauma through art

NGOs in Lebanon have been using art therapy to help children to deal with the horrific events they witnessed in Syria.

Syria's Civil War

What do Syrians make of the latest Geneva peace talks?

As bombing of civilian areas continues, Syrians are pessimistic over the outcome of the Geneva talks.

Syrian Refugees

How a selfie with Merkel changed Syrian refugee's life

Anas Modamani has taken Facebook to court over false news stories using the photo to link him to 'terrorism'.


Britain rejecting child refugees is no surprise

Given the toxic environment post-Brexit, and the historical record, rejecting child refugees is no wonder.

by Alastair Sloan

Human Rights

Canada under pressure to counter Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Rights groups urge Canada to lift cap on refugee sponsorship after US bars entry to refugees and immigrants.

Syria's Civil War

'How I'm still alive': Surviving Assad's prison cells

Omar al-Shogre describes his horrific ordeal in Syrian regime prisons, which taught him to treasure his humanity.


Trump closes borders to refugees

US refugee programme suspended for 120 days and Syrian refugees barred until further notice.