Human Rights

Interactive: The refugee crisis beyond Europe

Before Europe declared a "refugee crisis" in 2015, millions around the world had faced years of displacement.

In the Field

The refugee crisis and the Greeks: One year on

A year after the refugee crisis peaked in Europe, we speak to Greeks about the emotional and political aftermath.


The vigilante 'migrant hunter' of Bulgaria

Petar Nizamov spends his days trawling the border with Turkey to find hopeful refugees to try and send back.

Human Rights

Syrian refugees: Between war and crackdown in Lebanon

What will Michel Aoun's presidency mean for Syrian refugees facing an increasingly hostile climate in Lebanon?

Arts & Culture

Reversing the anti-refugee discourse with art

While Europe seems to be losing humanity in the face of a refugee crisis, a counter-wave of artistic events is emerging.

by Rachel Shabi

Middle East

Coding classes open new doors for Syrian refugees

Refugee Code Week aims to train more than 10,000 people across the Middle East in much-needed IT skills.

Human Rights

Mosul battle creates competing IDP and refugee crises

In fight to retake Mosul, some fear Syrian refugee funding might fade as focus shifts to internally displaced Iraqis.


Week in Pictures: From Thai King's death to Durga Puja

A photo round-up of some of last week's key events, from the death of Thai King to the Hindu festival of Durga Puja.

Middle East

No easy answers for Syrian students in Lebanon

An estimated 250,000 Syrian refugee children in the country are not in formal schools, aid organisations say.


Germany: Bomb plot suspect found dead in Leipzig cell

Syrian refugee arrested for allegedly planning a major airport attack commits suicide in Leipzig prison cell.

Human Rights

Right-wing gang attacks Syrian refugee boys in Germany

Syrian children, aged five, eight and 11, hit and threatened with a knife in eastern town of Sebnitz, police say.

Middle East

Syrian refugees: A permanently temporary life

Syrians in Lebanon hoped to return home within months, but more than five years later Syria's war is still raging.


Greek islanders stoic about Peace Prize nomination

Greeks who have saved numerous refugees say a Nobel Peace Prize win won't change the fate of people fleeing war.

Middle East

Syria's war: The hypocrisy of US-Russian cooperation

With no other military or political solution on offer, the Syrian conflict will nestle back into a disastrous stalemate.


Low turnout voids Hungary's anti-migration referendum

Over 98 percent of voters reject EU plans after less than 50 percent turn out for the referendum.