Syrian Refugees

Painting away the trauma of Syria's war

Artist Diala Brisly is using art to help refugee children in Lebanon cope with the psychological burden of war.

Human Rights

Refugee crisis 2016: 12 countries, 12 months

A look back at the 2016 refugee crisis from 12 different countries.

Human Rights

2016 has gone to the dogs: Good riddance to a bad year

This is the year that added insult to injury, as disagreement translated into indecency, and arrogance bred incivility.

by Marwan Bishara

Humanitarian crises

2016: The year the world stopped caring about refugees

Refugees, rights groups, aid organisations say empathy towards refugees is fading even as deaths in Mediterranean soar.

Syrian Refugees

Dire conditions for Syrian refugees on Jordan's border

Refugees in "the berm" area face new challenges amid advent of harsh winter weather.

Middle East

Syria's Aleppo evacuations resume after delays

Expected departure of last rebel fighters will hand full control of bitterly contested city to Assad government.

Battle for Aleppo

Aleppans to Idlib: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The evacuation of Aleppo residents will inevitably lead to a long-term displacement in temporary shelters.

by Sultan Barakat
- Sansom Milton

Syrian Refugees

Reports of Turkey border guards killing Syrians denied

Senior Turkish official rejects accusations that dozens of Syrian refugees were killed this year trying to cross border.

Syrian Refugees

The global heart of darkness

I spent two weeks on Chios volunteering and working with refugees who languish in despair and often succumb to suicide.

by Nadia Barhoum

The Listening Post

German media: Reporting the rise of the right

We look at claims from Germany's anti-immigrant party about media bias and alleged failure to report objectively.


Molotov bombs, large rocks thrown at refugees in Greece

Tensions rise in Chios as refugee camp comes under suspected far-right attack with Molotov bombs and massive stones.


Compassion of the many: Indifference of the few

Syrian refugees are deported from Greece to Turkey without due process, despite EU reassurances.

by Giorgos Kosmopoulos

Human Rights

Interactive: The refugee crisis beyond Europe

Before Europe declared a "refugee crisis" in 2015, millions around the world had faced years of displacement.

In the Field

The refugee crisis and the Greeks: One year on

A year after the refugee crisis peaked in Europe, we speak to Greeks about the emotional and political aftermath.


The vigilante 'migrant hunter' of Bulgaria

Petar Nizamov spends his days trawling the border with Turkey to find hopeful refugees to try and send back.