A frail Fidel Castro bids farewell in 'last speech'

Ex-Cuban leader speaks of death in farewell speech to Communist Party congress and calls for preserving party ideals.


Obama in Cuba: Smiles, speeches and history

Unclear if images of unity, or open encouragement for Cubans to seek change, will be US president's legacy in Havana.

Inside Story

Can the US and Cuba trust each other?

Barack Obama makes history with the first visit to Cuba by a US president in nearly nine decades.

Barack Obama

Obama calls on US Congress to end Cuban trade embargo

US president says he came to Havana to "bury last remnants of the Cold War", while urging freedom for all Cubans.


Castro and Obama trade barbs over human rights

At unprecedented joint news conference, US and Cuban presidents go toe-to-toe on human rights and economic punishment.


Cubans celebrate Obama's charm offensive

President winning over fans by conveying a kinder, gentler image of "The Empire" - as the US is known on the island.


Barack Obama: 'Change going to happen' in Cuba

But US president acknowledges "significant differences" on human rights and civil liberties amid one-party state rule.

Poverty & Development

US-Cuba rapprochement and the future

The pace and timing of rapprochement has already prompted concerns about a superficial transition.

by Ian Bancroft


Obama embarks on historic Cuba visit

US president arrives in Havana on a three-day trip a year after diplomatic ties were restored.


Obama's Cuba visit: Rumours turn into reality

Cuban officials confirm US president will be welcomed in March, but say there are still sticking points in relationship.


Barack Obama to make historic visit to Cuba

Obama to become the first serving US president to set foot on the island in nearly nine decades, as ties normalise.


The final Cuban exodus?

Even as capitalism descends on the island, Cubans are rushing to the US.

by Belen Fernandez


Crowds pack Havana square for Pope Francis' mass

Leader of Catholic Church also met with Fidel Castro at the Cuban revolutionary leader's home in Havana after the mass.


US and Cuba spar over human rights after flag ceremony

John Kerry says Cubans deserve "genuine democracy", as his counterpart raises racial strife and police brutality in US.


US flag raised at embassy in Cuba after 54 years

Taking part in flag-rising ceremony in Havana, John Kerry becomes first top US diplomat to visit the island in 70 years.