It is time to protect democracy and tolerance in Europe

The dramatic rise of the FN and similar anti-establishment right-wing parties should not be dismissed.

by Andrea Mammone

War & Conflict

French police identify third attacker at Paris concert

Suicide attacker Foued Mohamed Aggad, 23, was reportedly identified using DNA sample provided by his mother.

War & Conflict

The difficulty of being Muslim in France

As the far-right makes electoral gains in the wake of the Paris attacks, France's Muslims are feeling the pressure.

Paris Attacks

Manhunt continues after Paris attacks architect killed

Search is on for French suspect Salah Abdeslam after key planner killed in operation.

Paris Attacks

French PM: Chemical and bio weapon attacks possible

French vote to extend state of emergency amid PM's warnings 'not to rule out anything' following deadly Paris attacks.


French officials warned austerity increased insecurity

Analysis: "You can’t constantly try to do more with less without something eventually breaking down."


Madrid 'will not discuss' the end of Spain's unity

Spain's PM says he will open dialogue with pro-separatists leaders in Catalonia, but vows to keep country united.

Human Rights

French lawmakers approve controversial surveillance law

Lower House of parliament passes bill that would grant state sweeping powers to spy on citizens despite criticisms.


France: To be or not to be 'Charlie'?

French society is now contemplating the meaning of that phrase post-Paris attacks.


Social liberalism: Hollande goes all in

Cautious Hollande has surprised everyone with a tricky move on France's economy.

by Remi Piet