Report: US cities passing laws targeting the homeless

According to a new report, an increasing number of cities are making sitting on pavements and sleeping in cars illegal.

United States

The right to dream: Portland’s homeless fight evictions

Overlooked in the elections, Portland’s homeless are organising their own camps on their own terms, but fear evictions.

Poverty & Development

US elections: Obstacles facing homeless voters

Homeless Americans face challenges in voting during the 2016 US elections, but many still exercise their right.

Human Rights

Seattle in US struggles with high homeless rate

The death of a 19-year-old man along the highway highlights the plight of the rising number of homeless in the area.

New Zealand

New Zealand's homeless: Living in cars and garages

New Zealand was once a pioneer of the social welfare state, but now one in every 100 New Zealanders are homeless.

United States

America's hidden homeless: Life in the Starlight Motel

A motel in Massachusetts reveals the extent of the US' hidden homelessness problem. Residents share their stories.


Homeless HIV patient evicted to make way for AIDS 2016

South African police evict homeless people ahead of AIDS summit, including HIV patient who lost his ARVs in the process.

Rio 2016

Private police target Rio's dark-skinned and homeless

Ahead of Brazil's Olympics, business-funded agents are arresting and relocating "suspicious" people, some 80km away.

Poverty & Development

Hungary's criminalised homeless struggle to survive

Harsh weather conditions and harassment from officials alienate Hungary's homeless and worsen their daily struggle.


Homeless Irish families face eviction on election day

As talk revolves around an Irish economic recovery, the growing number of homeless families say they see no sign of it.

Poverty & Development

New York's homeless left out in the cold

The US economy could grow by 2.7 percent this year, but the beggars on the streets of its financial hub feel no benefit.


India's slum kid reporters tell stories of street life

Newspaper run by thousands of homeless kids tackles hard-hitting issues such as child labour and sexual abuse.

United Kingdom

London mosque offers help and hot meals to homeless

Finsbury Park Mosque that had been embroiled in controversies opens its door for the city's invisible population.

Poverty & Development

Pakistan slum demolitions leave thousands homeless

Government plans to use land on outskirts of Islamabad for development of commercial properties.


Homeless boy's 'future secured' after photo goes viral

Image of nine-year-old studying in a Philippine car park attracts a flood of donations, but many kids are not so lucky.